Taiwan Conference Report / Solar System Situation Update by Cobra

Taiwan conference was a huge success. Because Taiwan is one of the main centers of the positive Dragon forces, it could grow a very strong Lightworker and Lightwarrior community. The conference took place very close to the location where Taiwanese Dragon families hid their gold after they escaped from mainland China after WWII. 
During the conference, we took important physical and energetic steps towards the financial Reset and a new fair and balanced financial system. 
During the same weekend, ALL physical strangelet and toplet bombs of the Chimera group have been cleared. Only plasma strangelet and toplet bombs are now remaining. Plasma plane remains the main strong area of the Chimera group and this needs to be taken care of before the Event happens. We will deal with the plasma situation in detail in one of near future blog posts. 
As a result of the cleared physical bombs, there was great relief among the Light forces and a lot of intel that was previously classified has now become safe to be released. This short release by David Wilcock appeared just a few hours after the clearing of the physical bombs and I was surprised that he has revealed so much so early while the operations are still ongoing:
There is a fleet of motherships of the Galactic Confederation positioned just outside of our solar system and this fleet presents a barrier through which no space vehicle of the Chimera group can escape. The unholy four were secretly hoping that Chimera would provide them with the escape route beyond this solar system towards Barnard's Star just before the mass arrests, as this was the promise the Chimera gave to those top cabalists.
It is true that Chimera controls a few fragments of the once powerful physical Draconian and Reptilian fleet, scattered and hiding on some minor asteroids in the main asteroid belt and in the Kuiper belt. This information was top secret until now because the Reptilians were threatening to retaliate to a relatively small number of human hostages that they still hold captured on those asteroids. This weekend, the Light forces of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadian Fleet, the Sirian Fleet and the Resistance Movement have begun an operation to clear the entire solar system completely. 
Until recently there were also fragments of the Draco/Reptilian fleet, hiding in asteroid belts of Barnard's Star and star named Wolf 359. All those fleet fragments have already been cleared out completely. 
It is also true that Chimera controls a system of subterranean strongholds, with Long Island being their only major access point to the surface. These subterranean strongholds of the Chimera are totally unrelated to DUMBs (deep underground military bases). All DUMBs have been cleared already and Negative Military and the Cabal has no access to Chimera strongholds, so they are stranded on the surface. 
You need to understand that people involved in the secret space program / breakaway civilization did not have access to the Chimera locations inside our solar system and under the surface of our planet and were mostly even not aware of their existence.
This intel was classified until now as Chimera still has human hostages in those underground places and scattered on some locations in our solar system (NOT Moon and Mars) and liberation of those hostages must be carried out with utmost care. 
Those locations are the places where the scalar plasma grid technology is operated from.
More intel will follow when it will be safe to release it. 




物理的兵器を取り除いた結果、光の勢力とインテルの間で大きな安心感がもたらされましたそれは前回機密扱いにされていましたが、今発表するのに安全になりました。デイビッド ウィルコックによる短時間での封切りは物理的兵器の排除された数時間後に現れ、活動がまだ行われている中彼が明らかにしたので私は驚きました:



最近までドラコ/レプティリアン艦隊の一部が、Wolf 359と言う星とバーナード星のアステロイドベルトに隠れていました。それらのフラグメントは既に完全に排除されています。

地表面に渡る唯一大きい場所のロングアイランドで地下の要塞のシステムはキメラの操作で敦子とは又確かです。DUMBs (地下深い軍隊基地)キメラの地下要塞とは関係ありません。全てのDUMBsは全て取り除かれており、ネガティブな軍隊とカバルはキメラの要塞へのアクセスはできません、なので彼らは地表面で立ち往生をしていました。



それらの場所はスカラー プラズマグリッド テクノロジーが操作されていたところです。


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