My personal experience in the Breaktrhough Conference.

The first Breakthrough Conference was a huge success.
Nearly 70 people from all around the world gathered in New Taipei.
The conference in my personal opinion had 2 main purposes:
  • Teaching to the light-workers how to protect themselves and how to speed up events.
  • Creating the new financial system.

The first day Cobra explaned how important the IS:IS portal activation in Egypt was.
Since that time the Goddess Dou-Mou has come in her physical light body to our planet and She is now living somewhere in Asia protected by a special task force of the Dragon Families. She is anchoring the Goddess energies coming from the space to create a new realm of Light and to prevent any serious happenings on the surface of the planet.
In the near future other Goddesses will come to our planet too.

During Saturday afternoon Cobra has guided a new visualization, which was firstly presented during the Egyptian conference.
This new visualization consists in imagining to wake up a morning 30 days after the Event.
This meditation was very intense and even if each one of us had his/her particular visualizations, we shared many similar things and we all felt that the Event might not be so far.

Cobra has also explaned that after IS:IS Portal in Egypt events have sped up and this means many Victories of the Light will happen. At the same time Archons will just get crazier than ever, so we might expect several false flags and also personal attacks to the Light-Workers.
This is the reason why we should avoid concentrating our attention on those negative events, which can only distract us from the mission and drain our energies.
It is then strongly recommended to protect ourselves by doing the new meditations released by the RM recenlty.

Sunday was entirely dedicated to the creation of the new financial system.
Firstly Cobra told us that what happened in Swiss recently was very important and we might expect other nations even bigger than Swiss to follow the same path.
Moreover, the BRICS countries are intensely pushing to change the economic status quo, the only thing avoiding drastic changes right now is the presensce of many Chimera members within all the most important armies around the globe, including the BRICS countries.
The RM is perfectly aware that one of the major problem that the Light-Workers are facing is the lack of money.
This is why the RM has decided to release a new ritual to bring abundance to the Light-Workers and to the surface population.
Anyone of us should start visualizing banknotes and coins becoming brilliant white light crystals anytime we handle them.

After these rituals we all felt something had already changed, we had changed and everything is now possible!

Finally I really want to thank the Taiwanese Event support group for its wonderful work.
I was amazed by their community and dedication to the mission.
Of course I wish to thank the Resistance Movement and Cobra for their hard and great work.

Victory of the Light


  • ライトワーカー自身とイベントのスピードアップの方法を教える
  • 新しい経済システム








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