A call for the Lightworkers

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is time for the Lightworkers in Japan to unite again.

After the conference in Taiwan, Cobra has suggested us some important missions that should be accomplished at the earliest time possible.

To discuss these important news and to share all the new updates and rituals that have been disclosed in Taiwan, we have thought to organize a meeting in the same location where the first Portal Conference in Asia was located.

All the Lightworkers from Japan or all around the world, who share the same community and dedication to the mission and to the Resistance Movement are more than welcome.

Recently a very dedicated Lightworker, Inana Jolaya wrote:

@Prepare For Change, repost of my comment:
"Cobra I am so stunned by the information given to us through the Taiwan conference and especially to see what a huge community they have built. I understand, that they might have it a little easier because of maybe a bit less Cabal control and because of the Dragon presence there.
Here in the middle of Europe it is very hard to unite more than 2 people for one single idea or even a meeting and I also have heard in the last interview, that it was as well not easy in the USA with Prepare For Change to gather and unite people and forces.

Being in the transition zone between Asia and USA I feel the strong urge to make conscious of the following:
The prison program included division in all forms within humanity. To set this up, humans have been divided through "belonging" to villages, cities countries, nations and continents instead of soulfamily or vibrational match. All soul-connections have been vastly disturbed.
Now, as we are reaching the final liberation point, villages, cities, countries, nations and continents are getting reunited again, so we get able to feel as "Earth citizens" and finally as "cosmic citizens".
We, being in the frontline of the energetical part of the liberation process, are doing now the first step and unite our forces energetically, because then this can show up and materialize in the outside, in the political world. We do this step now. This means, we work "together as one". We say, we are from the light and we act on that, which means to realize who is more advanced and learn from them without feeling inferior.
In our special case with Prepare For Change this means, that we understand, that it is not about nations leading other nations, but that it is about people of planet Earth uniting. We wake up from this part of our programming and step out of being a german, american or an asian citzien. We ARE cosmic citizens, no matter where we live and we are able to go wherever we want. The cosmic citizens, that are living in the moment in Asia and belong to the huge Lightworker-community of Taiwan are very successful with the Prepare For Change group because of circumstances, maybe because they are less programmed. We allow ourselves to learn from them, as we have a responsibility to lead humanity out of this old america-leading-programming. We are not Americans, we are not Germans, we are not Asians, we are one cosmic family. Please unite forces, please Cobra help us uniting."

The meeting will be conducted in English and Japanese.

The meeting will be on the 22nd of February 2015 in Mojiko

Program 10:00~13:00 :
  • General planetary update after the last IS:IS Portal Opening.
  • Missions in Japan and the importance of the Gridwork.

    Lunch Break

       15:00~19:00 :
  • Breakthrough Meditation.
  • Discovering your purpose.
  • Manifestation and Laws of Creation.
  • Financial Freedom.

Admission is free.

No photography or recording.

Topics presented might be subject to change.

To reserve your space, please send an email here:






これはとても熱心なライトワーカー、Inana Jolayaが最近書いたものです:

@prepare for change, 私のコメントのレポートです:
コ ブラへ、台湾コンファレンスを通して私達にくれた情報、特に彼らが大きなコミュニティーを築いたことに私はとても唖然としています。カバルのコントロール がそんなに多くないことと、そこにはドラゴンの存在がいるから彼らにとっては少々簡単だったということは分かっています。ここ、ヨーロッパの真ん中では、 ひとつの考えのために2人以上結束すること、合うこすらとても難しいです、又私は最近のインタビューで、アメリカでも人々を集め結束し、焦点を合わせるこ とは簡単ではない、事を聞きました。

開 放過程でエネルギー部分の最前線にいる私達は今初めの第一歩を踏み、エネルギー的に私達の強さを結束しています、なぜならこうすることにより外側と政治世 界にこれが見えるようになり現実になるからです。私達は踏み出します。これは、私達は“一体となり”活動する、ことを意味します。私達は光からやって来 て、それにかけて行動します、それは誰がもっと上級かに気付き、自分が劣等感を感じずその人たちから学ぶという意味です。
Prepare for changeとの私達の特別な場合、これは私達は理解し、他の国を導いている国についてではなく、しかし地球の人々が結束していることです。私達のプログ ラミングの一部から目覚め、ドイツ人、アメリカ人またはアジア人であることから退きます。私達がどこに住んでいようとも、いつでも行きたい時にどこへ行く ことができるとも、私達は宇宙民です。宇宙民たちは、置かれた環境により今のところアジアに住んでいて、Prepare for changeグループと一緒に、成功をおさめた台湾の大きなライトワーカーコミュニティーに属しています。多分彼らはそれほどプログラミングされていない のでしょう。私達はアメリカを導いている古いプログラムから人類を脱出する為に導く責任があるので台湾の人たちから学びます。私達はアメリカ人ではありま せん、私達はドイツ人ではありません、私達はアジア人ではありません、私達は宇宙の家族です。力を合わせましょうそして、コブラへ、私達が結束することに 力を貸したください。




  • ISISポータル開放後の地球情勢アップデート

  • 日本でのミッションとグリッドワークの重要性


         15:00~19:00 :

  • ブレークスルーメディテーション

  • あなたの目的の発見

  • 表明と宇宙の法則

  • 財政的な自由






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