Solar System Situation Update

Cobra update, Monday, February 9, 2015
Breakthrough phase means that the Light forces are no longer focused only on opposing the Chimera and the Cabal, but are gathering momentum for the final breakthrough instead. During the breakthrough phase, the Veil is slowly being dissolved and the quarantine slowly being lifted. There are operations underway to arrange Disclosure leaks through mainstream media by high levels sources in India and Russia. Those leaks are expected to occur when the Chimera group will lose enough power over the military in the aforementioned countries.
Our Solar System has been under control of Orion/Andromedan Chimera empire and their Draco/Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under quarantine status, isolating it from positive ET races.
The Light forces were forced to sign a non-interference treaty which states that they will not interfere on the surface of planet Earth directly and in turn the Chimera will also not interfere on the surface directly. Although this treaty was quite harmful for the development of humanity in the last 26,000 years, it has also prevented humanity to be harvested by Chimera and their Draco/Reptilian minions directly. This is the reason the Resistance Movement agents are not contacting human beings on the surface of their planet. This treaty is also the reason why the Reptilians have not been massively eating humans for breakfast in the open in surface human cities after 1996 when their presence under the surface of the planet was huge, with 500 million entities present. This treaty is also the reason strangelet bombs were not detonated in many occasions. As soon as the Chimera threat is gone, the Light forces will intervene on the surface of this planet directly. 
The indirect attempts to pierce through the quarantine have begun in the 19th century when the Pleiadians have inspired NYMZA secret society (Sonora Aero Club) to build airships:


Tesla had connection with NYMZA and he attempted to build a spaceship to travel to Mars. His attempt failed and after that JP Morgan stopped financing Tesla. 
Marconi was a student of Tesla and after he has seen how the Cabal mistreated Tesla, he and a few other people (including the famous alchemist Fulcanelli) have relocated to South America where have built a secret underground city in the Andes in 1937: 


Tesla, Marconi and Fulcanelli are all members of the Brotherhood of the Star. 
The second Pleiadian attempt to pierce the quarantine began in early 20th century with Thule / Vril societies in Germany. Soon, more hostile races took control over the German space program, which has culminated in building a secret German Nazi Moon base during WW2. Like attracts like, and Nazi Moon base was taken over by the Reptilians shortly after the end of the war, all personnel wiped out. 
A more direct attempt to pierce the quarantine was made on February 20th, 1954, when President Eisenhower met with representatives of the Pleiadians and of the Ashtar Command at Edwards air force base: 


Pressured by the Negative Military, Eisenhower was forced to reject an agreement with the positive ETs and later to sign a treaty with negative Zeta and Draco races instead. 
Pleiadians, however, have managed to negotiate a permission from the Negative Military to build a secret base under Bora Bora island in French Polynesia, under condition that its existence remains unknown to the surface population.  
James Francis MacIntyre, the bishop of LA, was present at the meeting in Edwards AFB and reported the proceedings to the Jesuits. There are photos and films of Pleiadian ships, taken at that meeting, in the Vatican library. Jesuits were also regularly updated from Negative Military about all technologies which the military has received from the Zetas and Draconians. A secret Jesuit space program was started in 1956 to build bases on Moon and Mars. The program was not that successful and, ironically, was codenamed Marconi.

Real secret space program has started in early 1960s, when the Chimera group has given permission to the negative militaries of USA, NATO European countries, USSR and China to build joint secret Moon and Mars bases in certain restricted areas. Also, a secret treaty was signed between the Cabal and Draco/Reptilian/Zeta complex which gave the Cabal technical support in construction of Lunar and Mars bases whereas those negative alien races were given permission to build underground bases on Earth together with Negative Military. 
Joint USA/USSR Mars base was thus built in 1964 and then expanded in the next few decades, when more Moon and Mars bases were added to the program. The main lunar base was built on the far side of the Moon and was codenamed LOC (Lunar Operations Command).  
The whole secret space program was named Solar Warden and top supersoldiers were accepted into the program and brainwashed with the idea that they are defending Earth from the negative aliens. Some UN diplomats knew about the existence of the Solar Warden and they naively believed it to be a global program for Earth defense against alien threat. In reality, the purpose of the secret space program was to build joint human/Draco infrastructure throughout the Solar System for the Archon invasion which happened in 1996: 


From the human side, the program was directed by unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human hybrids.

Dick Cheney was the leader of Mars Corporation and claimed to be the owner of the planetary debt that Earth owes to the Mars Corporation and to the breakaway civilization, which has milked the Earth workforce through the Rothschild central banking system: 


The Light forces have infiltrated the Solar Warden space program in many ways. Eisenhower, cornered by the Cabal and forced to team up with the negative aliens, has formed some secret cells inside the Solar Warden program which were working for the Light.  
Also, the Organization (forerunner of the Resistance Movement) had secret teams infiltrated into the Solar Warden program. The Organization was also cooperating with positive Andromedans who were well aware of the situation in this Solar System.  
The Light forces have built their own Lunar base inside the Tycho crater and I have visited that base in 1983. It was a huge domed structure with a nice swimming pool inside, from where I could watch the Earth. Many years later I had a surreal moment when I was in a similar swimming pool on Earth, covered with a glassy dome and was watching the Moon rising. It was then a shock and confusion to my brain to see the Moon rising though the glassy domed structure where I should be watching  the orb of Earth instead!
After the Archon invasion in 1996 our Solar System was filled with Draconian and Reptilian entities. Their main military base was on Charon (Pluto's moon) with many strongholds in the main asteroid belt. In that timeframe, many key people were taken to the underground military bases and trauma-based mindprogrammed against the Galactic Confederation and against the Ashtar Command. This is the reason why many people are now so strongly against the Ashtar Command. 
During massive liberation offensive between 1999 and 2004, the Light forces of the Resistance Movement, Pleiaidan, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet and the Ashtar Command have cleared the vast majority of the Draco/Reptilian presence from our Solar System.

After 2004, the remaining Draco/Reptilian forces were working closely with the unholy four to defend planet Earth from the liberating fleet of the Galactic Light forces and they have been manipulating Solar Warden supersoldiers against the Light. Between 2004 and 2012 the Light forces have cleared this Solar System from all Draco/Reptilian presence except for those working directly with the Chimera group. In that time frame, Solar Warden was operating primarily from two locations. 
Sublunar operations and operations in Earth's orbit with X-22A, SR-33A and TR3-B sublunar vehicles were directed from Peterson AFB in Colorado which happens also to be the headquarters of the NORAD (radar network for UFO detection) and Air Force Space Command: 



Solar System operations were directed from the Kings Peak underground base in Utah, where most personnel and infrastructure was moved to from Area 51 and S4 when these two locations became too widely known. 
In 2012, the Light forces have closed down Solar Warden and since then the Cabal is grounded on the surface of the planet and now heavily relies on Chimera's (empty) promises that they will save them off planet from the mass arrests. They now feel stranded and are starting to get worried:

Since early last year, the Light forces are dealing with the Chimera directly. Since late January this year, as the physical strangelet and toplet bombs have been cleared, they have started operations to clear this Solar System from last vestiges of darkness. This operation is codenamed MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System). This operation is still ongoing. Important breakthroughs have happened in the last few days. After successful completion of MOSS and around the time of the Event,  Disclosure and First Contact will happen and this will be the end of quarantine status for planet Earth.



光の勢力は、キメラが直接地球表面に干渉しないと同時に光の勢力も同じ事をするようにと非干渉条約に証明するよう強いられました。条約が26,000年もの間人類の進化に多大な打撃だったが、キメラと彼らのドラコ/レプティリアンの手下達による支配も人類は避けられました。これらの理由でレジスタンス ムーヴメントのエージェントは地表面の人々と接触しないのです。この条約はまた、レプティリアンの存在が地球表面下で広がり5億にものぼった時1996年以後、地球上にある人間の都市でおおっぴらには人間を彼らの朝食として大規模には食べなかった理由でもあります。この条約はまた、多くの機会にストレンジレット爆弾が爆発しなかった理由です。キメラの脅しがなくなれば直ぐ、光の勢力は地表面に直接介入します。

隔離を通り抜ける間接的な試みは、プレアデス人が飛行船を作るためNYMZA秘密団体(sonora air club)に影響を受けた19世紀に始まりました。」








ジェームス フランシス マッキンタイアーはロサンジェルスの司教で、エドワードAFBでの会合に参加しておりイエズス会へ議事録を報告しました。バチカンの図書館にその会合の時に撮られたプレアデスの船舶の写真が幾つかあります。イエズス会は、軍隊がゼータ人とドラコニアンから受け取った全ての技術について、ネガティブな軍隊から定期的にアップデートも行っています。月と火星に基地を作るため1956年イエズス会の機密宇宙計画は始まりました。計画は成功には終わらなく、皮肉にもコードネームはマルコーニでした。

本当の秘密宇宙計画は、キメラグループがUSA,NATO ヨーロッパの国々、USSRと中国のネガティブな軍隊にある制限されたエリアに共同の月と火星の基地を作る許可を与えた時のの1960年初めに始まりました。又、カバルと月と火星の基地の建設においてカバルの技術サポートを施したドラコ/レプティリアン/ゼータの工業施設の間で密約は調印され、一方ネガティブな地球外生命体は、地球に地下基地をネガティブな軍隊と一緒に作る許可が与えられました。

共同USA/USSR火星基地は1964年に建てられ、月と火星に基地を作る計画が更に加えられたので、その先数十年間広がっていきました。主要な月の基地は月側から離れたところに作られコードネームはLOC(Lunar Operation Command)でした。

全体的な秘密宇宙計画の名前はSolar Warden(太陽系の管理者)でトップの最強軍人たちは計画に受け入れられ、ネガティブな生命体から地球を守るという洗脳を受けました。幾人かのUNの外交官たちは太陽系の管理者の存在を知っており、エイリアンに対して地球防衛の為の秘密のグローバル計画であると単純に信じていました。実際には、秘密宇宙計画の目的は、1996年に起こったアルコン侵略の為の太陽系に渡る人類とドラコ共同の基本的施設を作ることです:

人間側から、計画は邪悪な4(ブッシュSr., ヘンリー キッシンジャー,ドナルド ラムズフェルド,ディック チェーニー)により指揮を執られました。邪悪な4人は実は26,000年前に人間の身を持ったドラコニアンで目に見えるドラコ/ヒューマン ハイブリッドです。

ロスチャイルドや中央銀行システムを通し地球の労働人口を搾り取っていたディック チェーニーは火星コーポレーションのリーダーで地球が火星コーポレーションと離脱した文明に負っている惑星負債の所有者だと主張しました:




1996年のアルコン侵略後、私達の太陽系はドラコニアンとレプティリアンでいっぱいになりました。彼らの主要な軍事基地はカロン(冥王星の月)メインの小惑星帯に沢山の拠点がありました。その時間枠内で、多くの鍵になる人々が地下軍事施設に連れて行かれトラウマベースのマインドプログラムを宇宙連合とアシュターコマンドに対し行いました。1999から2004年の大規模な開放の攻撃の間、レジスタンス ムーヴメントの光の勢力、プレアデス、シリア人とアンドロメダの艦隊とアシュター コマンドは大規模な部分のドラコ/レプティリアンを太陽系から排除しました。


地球上の活動とX-22A, SR-33A,TR3-Bの地球と月の間の乗り物と地球の軌道上での操作は偶然にもNORADUFO検出用レーダー網)空軍宇宙司令部 の本部があるコロラドにあるピーターソンAFBから指揮されます:

エリア51S4は多くに知れているので、多くの職員と設備はから移され、太陽系活動はユタのキングズ ピーク基地から指揮がありました。

2012年、光の勢力はソーラー ウォーデンを閉鎖し、それからカバルが地上に乗り上げ、今大量逮捕の時地球からの脱出をさせるというキメラの(空の)約束にひどく頼っています。今彼らは行き詰りだんだん心配してきています:


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