Resistance movement

In 1975, a certain intelligence agent under codename Michael was running for his life from Illuminati that were chasing him. He gathered around him a group of 12 operatives in order to protect himself. While on the run and in hiding, they discovered a maze of tunnels below the New York underground subway system. They entered the tunnels, disappeared from the surface and regrouped down there. So the Organization was born, having its main command center under the subway system of New York. Through the vast spy network that Michael still had on the surface, they have contacted many operatives that fought against the Illuminati and many of them went underground and joined the Organization.
Their main objective was to overthrow the rule of the Illuminati and give advanced technologies to humanity. Personal computers that we know now were developed with assistance of Organization and I have personally seen a room full with rows of computers as they were being developed in their main underground command center back in 1977. The Organization had contact with the positive civilization of Agartha that existed in subterannean caverns for millennia. They had contact with positive Andromedans already in 1977 if not before, as I have seen a sleek silver Andromedan cigar shaped craft in their underground hangar as well.
In early 1990s, they had some influence in assuring that internet expanded from military ARPANET into public domain.
The Illuminati and off-planet dark forces launched an offensive in 1996 to destroy the Organization and there were severe physical battles in underground tunnels and caverns that almost destroyed the Organization and also nearly wiped out Agartha.
In the hour of need, a plan was devised to counteract this. In early December 1999, Pleiadians have contacted the Resistance Movement on planet X and ignited a massive uprising against Illuminati there. The Illuminati were overthrown in about three weeks and they had to flee to their bases on Mars and the Moon. At that time, many Resistance Movement freedom fighters have entered the underground tunnel systems on Earth to join the Organization  in their fight. The two forces integrated and emerged as one and are now called Resistance Movement.
Their increased joint force has turned the course of events and now the dark forces were in retreat.  In 2000 and 2001 the Illuminati has lost their bases on Mars and the Moon and elsewhere in the solar system. With the assistance of the Pleiadians and other Galactic Confederation forces all remaining Reptilian, Draconian and Reticulan forces were cleared out of the solar system also in the same time frame. This set the dark ones into panic mode and they have staged 9-11 to preserve their last stronghold - planet Earth.
Planet X
Planet X is a planet in the outskirts of our solar system. Its surface is not suitable for physical life, but underground there is a vast system of tunnels and bases that was under Illuminati control until 1999 and is in the hands of the Light forces thereon.
In 2002, the Pleiadians have given me exact data about characteristics and orbital elements of that planet. It has a rock interior and surface covered with frozen methane ice, which gives it a bluish hue. Its diameter is 9400 miles and its mass is 0.76 Earth masses. Semimajor axis of the orbit is 70 AU, and the inclination is 40 degrees.
Imagine my delight and surprise when I found an article by Japanese astronomer Patryk Lykawka, who stated in 2008 that »hypothetical« planet X should be composed of rock and ice, its diameter would be between 6200 and 9300 miles and its mass between 0.3 and 0.7 Earth masses. Semimajor axis of the orbit should be between 100 and 170 AU and inclination up to 40 degrees :

The main reason why the astronomers have officially not yet discovered this planet is that they are »told« by the Cabal not to report about it. Also, they are mainly looking for new planets near the ecliptic, but because of its highly inclined orbit this is not where planet X is to be found. Since it is a pretty big object, it would be fairly easy to see it even in larger amateur telescopes if you knew where to look. And oh by the way, it is NOT Nibiru and is NOT going to crash on Earth.
The Event
9-11 had not turned out as the Cabal had planned. Instead it served as an awakening trigger that helped many humans realize what is really going on beyond the propaganda of the mass media.
This new awareness has made it easier for the Resistance Movement to improve their plan of overthrow of the Illuminati on planet Earth.
Until 2003, they have managed to clear all the deep underground military bases and only the uppermost portions of those bases remained.
Since then, the Resistance Movement  has infiltrated around 300 of its operatives inside Illuminati network, mostly in top positions in the  military and intelligence agencies. Those operatives are undetectable and Illuminati have no idea who or where they are.
In January and early February of this year of 2012, the Resistance Movement has seized most of the gold that was in Illuminati hands. So if you are asking yourself where the Yamashita gold is, now you know the answer. It is not in Mariana trench, it is not in Fort Knox, it is not in cellars of private Rothschild villas and chateaux, it is not in vaults under Kloten airport, it is not in safes of UBS in Zurich, it is not scattered in safes of small banks around the world under Jesuit control. It is in underground chambers of the Resistance Movement, and after the Event it will be returned to humanity and it will serve as a reserve for a new currency which will mean abundance for everyone.
The idea to devise a plan to overthrow the Illuminati network was there ever since the formation of Organization in 1975. In 1977 I spoke with the man who conceived that plan. The document that Drake saw around 1979 was probably an early version of that plan. The early idea was for the military to take over and overthrow the Illuminati under the guidance of the Organization and later the Resistance Movement.
Because of the awakening that happened after 9-11, the original plan has been revised. Now, nobody is taking over the planet. The Resistance Movement will back up the military mainly only with intelligence data about Illuminati and some logistic advice, but will mostly stay behind the scenes. The military will back up civilian authority (federal marshals in the US and Interpol worldwide), which will back up local law enforcement to arrest the members of the Cabal.
The Resistance movement has experience with overthrowing the Cabal and liberating planets, since they did this on planet X in 1999.  They have constant physical (not telepathic) contact with the Pleiadians and other positive ET races within the Confederation, which give them daily intel about every Cabal member, where they are, what they do, even what they think. The Illuminati now have nowhere to hide.
No human authority will decide when this is about to happen. The final word when the Event is to happen is coming directly from the Source. This is an event of cosmic importance. The last planet under the grip of the dark forces is about to be liberated and this is going to send ripples of Light throughout the Galaxy.
Just before the Event, the Source will send a pulse of Light through the Galactic Confederation and the Pleiadians will instruct the Resistance Movement to use its 300 operatives on the surface of the planet  to contact the key people inside the military and law enforcement and then the operation will start.
After the operation is successfully completed, there might be people that would like to take advantage of the situation by setting their own governments, confiscating funds... Because the Cabal will be taken care of this does not mean that human greed and lust for power will be exterminated. They are simply part of the character for a certain percentage of unenlightened human population. Rest assured that the Resistance Movement knows who those people are, their actions are being monitored and they will not be allowed to take advantage of the situation.
Until a certain degree of awareness on the planet is reached, the Resistance Movement will be working behind the scenes for the benefit of humanity. At a certain point, most likely not long before the First Contact with the positive extraterrestrials, they will make themselves public.
They have created a fund of 120 trillion dollars, which will be given to humanity along with other prosperity packages. They are in possession of very advanced technologies, mostly of extraterrestrial origin. They will provide some background assistance in putting forth 6000 inventions that were developed by geniuses around the world and then suppressed by the Cabal. After that, they will introduce some of their own technologies that are even more advanced.
This blog was created under instructions from the Resistance Movement with the purpose of instructing the surface population about certain developments in 2012. Many surface operatives of the Resistance Movement read this blog as it contains some coded communications for them. Internet is the easiest way to give them certain not very sensitive intel, at least that part which can be safely transmitted through this public channel. In the future, the Resistance Movement may decide to give some communications to general public and then this blog will become an official communication channel for the Resistance Movement on the surface of this planet.
レジスタンス ムーヴメン


1975年、コードネームマイケルの下、ある諜報エージェントは、彼を追っていたイルミ ナティからずっと逃げていました。彼は自身を守る為12人の工員を集めました。逃げ隠れしている間、彼らはニューヨークの地下鉄網の下に迷路のように入り 組んだトンネルを見つけました。彼らはトンネルに入り、地表面から姿を消し、そこで仕切りなおしました。組織は作られニューヨークの地下鉄網の下に主な司 令塔を持ちました。マイケルはまだ持っていた地表面の膨大なスパイネットワークを通して、イルミナティに対抗した工員と連絡を取り多くが地下に行き組織に 加わりました

彼らの主な目的はイルミナティの規則を破壊することと最先端技術を人類に与えることです。私達が知っているパーソナルコン ピュータは組織の支援で発達し、1977年に彼らのメイン地下司令塔でコンピュータが開発されていたので、私は個人的に立ち並んだコンピュータを見たこと があります。組織は千年前から地下の洞窟存在しているポジティブなアガルタ文明と接触がありました。もし以前になければ、既に1977年にはポジティブな アンドロメダ人と接触がありました。私は地下の格納庫でシガーの形をした艶やかなシルバーの船舶を見たことがあります



まさかの時に、これに対抗する計画が提案されました。199912月初旬、プレアデス人は惑星Xのレジスタンス ムーヴメントに連絡を取り、そこでイルミナティに対して大暴動に火をつけました。約3週間の内にイルミナティは破壊させられ、彼らは月と火星の基地へ飛び帰りました。同時に、多くのレジスタンス ムーヴメントのフリーダム ファイター達は組織の戦いに加わる為、地球の地下トンネルシステムに入りました。2つの勢力は統合し、一つとなり今はレジスタンス ムーヴメントと呼ばれます。




2002年、プレアデス人はその惑星の特徴と軌道要素についての正確な情報を私にくれました。内側は岩で表面は青みがかった色調を与えるメタンの氷で覆われていてます。直径9400マイルで地球の0.76の密度です。軌道の長軸半径 70AU40度傾いています。

2008年“架空”の惑星Xは岩と氷で覆われており、直径6200から9300マイルで密度は地球の0.3から0.7であるだろうと述べた、日本の天文学者パトリック リカフィカによる記事を私が見つけたときの私の喜びと驚きを想像してください。軌道の長軸半径は100から170AUの間で40度まで傾斜しています:




レジスタンス ムーヴメントにとってこのニュースの認識は、地球上のイルミナティの打倒計画を進歩させる事をより簡単にさせました。


それ以来、レジスタンス ムーヴメントはイルミナティ網の中に300もの工作員を潜入させ、多くは軍事、謀報機関の上部にいます。それらの工作員を見破ることができないのでイルミナティは誰が工作員でどこにいるか分かりません。

2012年の1月と2月初旬、レジスタンス ムーブメントはイルミナティが持っていた多くの金を押収しました。なのでヤマシタの金がどこにあるのかを自分に問いただせば、今お判りでしょう。マリアナ海溝になければ、フォート ノックス、ロスチャイルドの住宅と大邸宅の地下室、クローテン空港下の貯蔵庫、チューリッヒのUBSの金庫、イエズス会支配の下の是会に点在している小規模の銀行の金庫に分割しているわけでもありません。レジスタンス ムーブメントの室にあり、イベント後人類に返還され新しい通貨として取って置き、それは皆さんにとって豊富さを意味します。

1975年の組織結成以来、イルミナティ網を打ち破る計画を案出するというアイディアは3つありました。1977年私はその計画を考えた人と話しました。1979年頃にドレイクが見た文章は多分早い段階の計画だったのでしょう。軍隊の為の初案は、組織後レジスタンス ムーブメントの指揮の下イルミナティを転覆させ引き継ぐ為の計画でした。

9-11の後に起こった覚醒の為、元案は修正されました。今、誰もその計画を引き継いでいません。レジスタンス ムーブメントは、主にイルミナティと実際行動の助言についての情報データのみ軍隊へ後援を行いますが、大部分は舞台裏にいます。軍隊は、カバルのメンバーを逮捕する為現地の法律の執行を民間当局(アメリカの連邦法執行官らと国際刑事警察機構)が支援します。

レジスタンス ムーヴメントは、1999年惑星Xを始めとしカバルを打倒し、数々の惑星の開放を経験してきました。カバルのメンバーごとに、どこにいるか、何をするか、何を考えているのかでさえ毎日情報を共有するのに、連合の中でプレアデス人と他のポジティブなET種族らと頻繁に(テレパシーではなく)実際交流があります。イルミナティは今隠れる場所がありません。


イベントの直前、源は宇宙連合通し光の波動を送り、軍隊にいる要人たちと連絡を取るため地表面にいる300人の工作員を使用するためプレアデス人がレジスタンス ムーブメントを指示し法の執行そして活動が始まります。

活動が順調に達成されれば、政治体制、差し押さえた基金を設置することにより状況の利点を利用したいという人々が出てくるかもしれません…なぜならこれがカバルを面倒見るということは権力の人類の貪欲と切望が終わるという意味ではないからです。レジスタンス ムーブメントはその人たちが誰か知っていて、彼らの行動は監視されていて、状況の利点をを利用させないので安心してください。

惑星の覚醒の度合いをみて、レジスタンス ムーブメントは人類のために背景で活動します。ある地点で、ありえる可能性としてポジティブな地球外生命体とのファースト コンタクトの前、彼らは公共の前に現れるでしょう。彼らは120兆ドルの基金を持っており、他の繁栄パッケージと一緒に人類に相当されます。彼らはかなり進んだ技術の保持者で多くが地球外の生まれです。世界中の天才により発達され、カバルにより抑圧された6000もの発明品を前に置き方法支援を供給します。その後、それらの発明品よりもっと進んだ彼らの技術の幾つかを紹介します。

このブログは2012年にある発展について地表面人口を指導する目的でレジスタンス ムーブメントから指示の下設立されました。コード化したコミュニケーションを含んでいる為、レジスタンス ムーブメントの地表面にいる多くの工作員の為にこのブログを読んでいます。機密情報ではなく特定の情報、少なくとも公共通信路を通して安全に送られる部分のみを伝えるにはインターネットは一番簡単な方法です。将来、レジスタンス ムーブメントは一般民と交信を取り決めるかもしれません。そして、このブログは地表面での、レジスタンス ムーブメントのオフィシャル コミュニケーション チャンネルとなるでしょう。